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Congenica achieved ISO 27001 and NHS IGT accreditation

Congenica achieved ISO 27001 and NHS IGT accreditation

1/21/2016    |    0 min read

Congenica, a world leading developer of genome analysis technologies, places the highest importance on data security and information governance and is therefore pleased to announce that it has successfully achieved two major milestones: ISO 27001 accreditation and compliance with the NHS Information Governance Toolkit (IGT). These external validations provide independent assurance of the strength of Congenica’s information security management system (ISMS).

ISO 27001 is a widely adopted global security standard that sets out requirements and best practices for a comprehensive approach to managing company and customer information. Systematic risk assessments, data encryption, and robust data backup procedures are used to meet the standard and maintain the security and privacy of customers’ data. This important milestone enables Congenica to provide services to public sector organisations, such as the NHS and Genomics England, in the handling of genetic and genomic data.

The NHS has developed its own set of information governance principles to ensure a consistent approach to the management of personal data. Organisations working with the NHS who process patient data within its secure N3 network are required to meet these IGT requirements. With the rapid adoption of Congenica’s Sapientia™ genomic software by NHS diagnostic laboratories, Congenica is pleased to be able to offer them the highest level of information and data security.

Nick Lench, COO comments: “The analysis and storage of genetic information is a deeply personal and sensitive subject that Congenica treats very seriously; we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of security and confidentiality to ensure the trust of all our stakeholders.”

More information on our security and compliance can be found here.

About Congenica
Congenica is a world leading developer of genome-based discovery and diagnostic technologies.  The Cambridge, UK-based company is a spin-out from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and was founded by scientists and clinicians at the leading edge of genomic analysis.
Congenica has developed the SapientiaTM technology platform, which allows genome scale DNA sequence data to be presented within a clinically actionable diagnostic report. It is based on pioneering research from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, NHS clinicians and regional genetic testing laboratories. This underlying technology has been validated by leading independent institutes and clinicians, including Genomics England Ltd. (www.congenica.com).

CongenicaTM and SapientiaTM are registered trademarks of Congenica Ltd.