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UK Health Minister Announces the “NHS must lead the world in genomic healthcare”

UK Health Minister Announces the “NHS must lead the world in genomic healthcare”

2/27/2019    |    0 min read

The UK government announced today a new National Genomic Healthcare Strategy, with measures to improve services for people with rare diseases. The UK Minister for Innovation, Nicola Blackwood, launches the strategy to ensure the UK is able to offer a predictive, preventative and personalised health and care service for people with rare diseases.

Congenica previously announced their partnership with Genomics England and the NHS and is ready to support this major clinical implementation of the Congenica clinical decision support platform, SapientiaTM. David Atkins, CEO at Congenica, comments: “This a welcome and bold announcement from government that will help secure the UK’s global leadership in genomics. We have been privileged to contribute to the UK’s ambitious vision for genomics with the 100,000 Genomes Project and the newly launched Genomic Medicine Service.

“Everyone with a rare disease needs first to understand their condition and hopefully receive a diagnosis through interpretation of their genome, but this is only part of their journey. The measures proposed today will help to ensure continuity of care for those with rare conditions.”

Congenica is working to mirror this commercial and clinical success with other National genome programmes and clinical customers alike.