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Congenica Announces On-Premise Deployment Option for its Genomic Analysis Platform

Congenica Announces On-Premise Deployment Option for its Genomic Analysis Platform

4/1/2019    |    0 min read

Cambridge, United Kingdom – 1 April, 2019 – Congenica, the global diagnostic decision support platform provider, has announced that it now offers an on-premise deployment method in addition to cloud deployment for running its genomic analysis platform.

This considerable technical achievement has been completed following feedback from customers from Government institutions, hospitals and private research organisations that they want locally operated decision support platforms that store and retain data locally. This is for reasons ranging from institutional preference through to local laws and guidelines related to management of patient data.

Customers will now have greater choice when installing the Congenica platform, enabling deployment either on a local infrastructure or the cloud. This allows for greater flexibility in how organisations control their platform and how the software is maintained, whilst still benefiting from the same functionally-rich platform capabilities.

Both on-premise and cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) customers will also benefit from Congenica’s extensive investment into developing its active roadmap of innovative products throughout 2019 and beyond.

Congenica’s commercial partner for the China market, Digital China Health (DCH), will be among the first to take advantage of the on-premise deployment. With the new on-premise deployment option, Congenica now offers a solution to meet the deployment needs of all organisations across China through DCH. Negotiations are already underway with major Chinese hospitals that require an on-premise solution and Congenica anticipates the flexible deployment model will help to further differentiate its offering and accelerate commercial progress in the global markets.

Dr David Atkins, CEO of Congenica, commented: “This is a significant step forward for us. With a choice of deployment options, we now have a broader offering to address our customers’ and partners’ varying needs. We expect to be announcing commercial growth in the near future that is enabled by this engineering achievement.”

To achieve automated application deployment, scaling, and management in an efficient and cost-effective manner, Congenica has taken advantage of the proven technology of Kubernetes, an open-source container orchestration system.

Peter Fox, CTO of Congenica, stated: “Our new on-premise solution uses the proven and robust Kubernetes architecture and design. This simpler, faster and scalable deployment, with high resilience and availability, enables more secure and cost-effective software for our customers.

“We believe this future-proofs Congenica’s platform for the next five to ten years, whilst also further investing in our SaaS cloud deployment.”

This development is one of a series of recent advances in Congenica’s technology, which also includes additional capacity and scalability functionality.

Augusto Rendon, Director of Bioinformatics of Genomics England, commented: We are excited to hear of this latest development in Congenica’s technology. Congenica have been able to process a huge number of samples for the 100,000 Genomes Project, and routinely process several thousand samples a month for Genomics England.”