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Clinical OMICs interview with David Atkins CEO Congenica

Clinical OMICs interview with David Atkins CEO Congenica

6/25/2021    |    0 min read

The May / June 2021 issue of Clinical OMICs features a four-page interview with Congenica CEO David Atkins, who talks about the genomic medicine landscape and Congenica's plans for the future.

CEO David Atkins is inteviewed for Clinical OMICs

In this in-depth article, Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief at Clinical OMICs, speak to David about:  

  • Significant developments at Congenica and lessons learned
  • The growth and outsourcing of sequencing capabilities
  • What Congenica's $50 million financing round means for the business 
  • New developments from Congenica, including  cancer offering 
  • New partnership with Sanford Health
  • Integrating genomic data into mainstream healthcare


To read the article in full, please visit ClinicalOMICS


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