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Congenica contributes to the BIA's Genomics Nation report

Congenica contributes to the BIA's Genomics Nation report

8/4/2021    |    0 min read

Congenica is proud to be involved in The Bio Industry Association’s (BIA) recent report that looks at the strength, breadth and opportunity of the UK genomics sector for investors, patients and the UK economy.


Developed in partnership with the Wellcome Sanger Institute and Medicines Discovery Catapult (MDC), the 'Genomics Nation' report:

  • reveals the shape and size of the UK’s genomics sector
  • describes the foundations that are key to its success
  • and outlines the tremendous opportunity that the sector represents for the wealth and health of the UK.



Within the report, David Atkins, CEO at Congenica, said:


“Congenica is delivering a future where clinical genomics is fully integrated in healthcare to transform the lives of patients. Our market leading genomic analysis software and data system has been designed to enable the delivery of personalized medicine at scale – with the capability of handling hundreds to thousands of genomes per week – that can be integrated into existing systems and infrastructure.


"Development of the platform has required Congenica to operate at the cutting edge of bioinformatics, clinical sciences, data analytics and software and database engineering. Our recent Series C financing will support Congenica’s goal of scaling and building a global business.


"Our foundations are firmly built on UK science and our proving ground has been with Genomics England in the NHS. This high-quality history is appealing to international investors and is seen as a sign of quality.”


To read the report in full, visit The BIA website  


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