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Congenica and FDB collaborate to incorporate PGx into Clinical Decision Support Systems

Congenica and FDB collaborate to incorporate PGx into Clinical Decision Support Systems

11/9/2022    |    0 min read

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Cambridge, 9th November 2022 – Congenica, a UK digital health company enabling the rapid analysis and accurate interpretation of genomic data at scale, and FDB (First Databank), UK provider of medicines optimisation and clinical decision support solutions, today announce a collaboration agreement to develop the delivery of pharmacogenomics (PGx) results into point of care prescribing.   


A recognised leader in genomic analysis of rare diseases and inherited cancer, Congenica is expanding the capabilities of its Clinical Decision Support Platform to provide integrated real-time reporting of drug suitability and dosage for implementation in primary care settings. As genetic attributes of an individual affect the likely responses to many therapeutic drugs as well as impact drug safety and effectiveness, delivering real-time treatment recommendations in an easy to interpret format based on an individual’s genetic information is key for rapid implementation in general practice. Based on an active grant from Innovate UK, Congenica is developing a practical solution for integration of pharmacogenomic information into routine care and conducting a clinical study to assess the real-world implications of this approach.  


FDB is the UK’s leading provider of medicines optimisation and clinical decision support solutions that help healthcare professionals make precise decisions. FDB’s solutions are fully integrated within clinical workflows, guiding clinicians to evidence-based best practice whilst helping the NHS to achieve an appropriate balance across cost and quality objectives. Experts in healthcare terminology and codifying complex decision support algorithms, FDB’s solutions support clinicians with both point of care decision support and population health analysis. At the heart of every intervention FDB’s guidance provides users with actionable next steps, optimising patient care and time efficiency for clinicians. 


Alistair Johnson, Chief Professional Services Officer at Congenica, said of the collaboration: "Given increasing healthcare costs and expanding choices of medications it is crucial to develop guidance to identify most appropriate treatment and dosage options for patients. Implementation of PGx at scale has therefore been on the horizon for many years, but one of the challenges has been the availability of easy-to-interpret results at the point of care. By combining Congenica's expertise in managing large genomic data sets within a regulated framework and national healthcare setting, and the advanced medicines optimisation solutions provided by FDB , we can accelerate real-world adoption of PGx and drive precision medicine at scale."  


Phil Verplancke, Product and IT Director at FDB, says “We are proud to be part of a network of healthcare partners striving to move the bar on patient care. PGx is coming of age and FDB continues to invest in solving real-world healthcare problems that improve medicines safety and efficacy for all patients and make life easier for clinicians across the NHS. Our long-standing history at the forefront of clinical decision support, combined with Congenica’s expertise in genomic interpretation, aims to put world-class actionable PGx decision support in the hands of clinicians at the point of care.” 


Both companies are today presenting at the ‘Incorporating Pharmacogenetics into Clinical Decision Support Systems’ event held by the UK Pharmacogenomics and Stratified Medicine Group.  


For more information, please contact Becky Lamont at the Congenica press office on becky.lamont@congenica.com