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David Atkins welcomes the Government's Life Sciences Sector Vision

David Atkins welcomes the Government's Life Sciences Sector Vision

7/7/2021    |    0 min read

A press release from the BIA UK BioIndustry Association (BIA) released on 6 July welcomes the Government's new Life Sciences Sector Vision, quoting Congenica CEO David Atkins on the benefits that this will deliver to the genomics sector in the UK.


Dr Meriel McEntagart, Consultant Geneticist, St George’s University Hospitals NHS (3)


The Government's new Life Sciences Sector Vision

  • UK Life Sciences Vision sets a 10-year strategy for the sector to build on successes of COVID-19 response and accelerate delivery of innovations to patients.
  • Mission-led approach to solve some of the biggest healthcare problems of our generation, including cancer and dementia.
  • Launch of Life Sciences Investment Programme brings total amount of funding available to UK’s most promising life sciences companies to £1 billion.

As CEO of Congenica and SME representative on the National Genomics Board, David Atkins is quoted in the BIA press release saying: 

“The UK is a world leader in genomics, a position that has been strengthened through the vital role that we’ve played in the global efforts to tackle COVID-19, including sequencing viral and COVID patient genomes and the early detection and monitoring of significant viral variants.


“It is highly encouraging to see the Government recognising the game-changing potential of genomics. Increasing levels of investment will drive further innovation, enabling UK companies and organisations to continue pushing the boundaries of our understanding of the human genome. Importantly, we are now in an era of genomic discovery that can provide clinicians with actionable insights to help diagnose and treat patients. This is bringing a fundamental shift in the delivery of life-changing therapies to patients as clinical genomics becomes more widely incorporated into routine clinical care.”


The Vision includes the BIA's recommendations for a Life Science Scale Up Taskforce to develop recommendations on issues that inhabit scale-up and growth.


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To find out more about how Congenica is shaping the future of genomics and our plans for the future, please see a film from CEO David Atkins and Chairman Andy Richards.


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