The Government has published its Genome UK implementation plan, which sets out through a series of commitments how it will build towards the vision laid out in 'Genome UK - the future of healthcare', published in September 2020. This document included its 10-year strategy to create the most advanced genomic healthcare system in the world, delivering better health outcomes at lower cost. 


The Genome UK implementation plan details the actions being taken to make meaningful progress over the period of 2021 to 2022, and how delivery partners will work together across the healthcare system.


David Atkins, CEO of Congenica, said:

“The new Genome UK implementation plan is hugely positive for both patients and the genomics sector and it is encouraging to see the vision of incorporating genomic medicine into routine clinical practice turned into a reality. Genomic medicine has the potential to revolutionize healthcare, achieving faster and more accurate diagnoses for patients, which will enable better treatment plans and improved outcomes.


"Congenica is proud to be involved in this initiative and we hope to see the delivery of further opportunities for other UK companies, to continue driving our leadership in this field.”


Read the full Genome UK: 2021 to 2022 implementation plan


Congenica and Genomics England 

Congenica software has enabled Genomics England to achieve a 50% increase in diagnostic yield for patients and a 95% reduction in NGS data interpretation times at an unprecedented scale of over 2,700 whole genomes per week.


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