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Genome UK: the future of healthcare

Genome UK: the future of healthcare

10/5/2020    |    0 min read

Genome UK: the future of healthcare

Congenica responds to UK genomics strategy

The UK Government has published its national genomic healthcare strategy, Genome UK, setting out its vision to extend the UK’s leadership in genomic healthcare and research.

The strategy is focused on three key areas including the NHS Genomics Medicine Service (GMS) which will be the first national healthcare system in the world to offer whole genome sequencing (WGS) as part of routine care and will sequence 500,000 whole genomes by 2023/24. Under the GMS seriously ill children with a rare genetic condition, children with cancer, and adults suffering from certain rare conditions or specific cancers, will be offered WGS.

The service builds on the legacy of the ground-breaking UK100,000 Genomes Project, which was facilitated by the unique partnership between Genomics England and NHS England and in partnership with genomic health companies such as Congenica.

As Genomics England’s exclusive Clinical Decision Support Service provider for rare disease in the delivery of the NHS Genomic Medicine Service, Congenica fully supports the Genome UK strategy to provide better health outcomes at lower cost.

In response to the announcement, Dr Nick Lench, Congenica’s Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder commented: “We are proud of our involvement in the Genome UK strategy, supporting our partners at Genomics England and the NHS to deliver the National Genomic Medicine Service and helping the UK realise the full benefits of genomic medicine.”

Read the Genome UK strategy


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