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Genomics in the Clinic & the Promise of Precision Medicine
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Genomics in the Clinic & the Promise of Precision Medicine

6/22/2021    |    0 min read

At the recent PMLS Precision Medicine Leaders’ Summit Virtual Series 2021 – Precision Medicine and Rare Disease, our Lead Clinical Scientist, Rare Disease, Andrea Haworth took part in a panel entitled:

'Genomics in the Clinic and the Promise of Precision Medicine'.


The panel of experts consisted of:

  • Chris Waters, CEO and founder of Rare Science (moderator)
  • Lynsey Chediak, Lead, Precision Medicine, Shaping the Future of Health and Healthcare, World Economic Forum
  • Chun-Hung Chan, PhD Director, Special Projects, Sanford Research
  • Andrea Haworth, Lead Clinical Scientist, Rare Disease, Congenica
  • Arthur Hermann, MS Strategic Technical Consultant, Kaiser Permanente


During the session, the panel shared their perspectives on the impact of early intervention using whole genome sequencing / whole exome sequencing and clinical decision support for diagnosis, based on their involvement in some of the world’s leading programs.


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