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Congenica launches Comprehensive Genetic Carrier Screening at Arab Health 2022 

Congenica launches Comprehensive Genetic Carrier Screening at Arab Health 2022 

1/24/2022    |    0 min read

Cambridge, United Kingdom – 24 January 2022 - Congenica, the digital health company enabling rapid and accurate analysis of complex genomic data to transform people’s lives, is launching a new first-in-class service at Arab Health 2022 that creates combined digital genomic profiles from both prospective parents for comprehensive carrier screening to support family planning decisions. 


Carrier screening is often restricted to a limited set of variants known to have an elevated carrier rate in a particular ethnic group. However, this approach gives an incomplete picture of carrier risk and has the potential to provide a false sense of confidence for couples planning for a family – particularly in geographical areas with a dense population of individuals with shared ancestry. 


Congenica’s new service uses genetic data from both parents to computationally construct genetic models of their potential offspring. Data for both parents as well as modelled data for both female and male babies are then uploaded to Congenica’s Clinical Decision Support Platform for interpretation by Congenica’s experienced clinical scientists. The result is better actionable knowledge and higher family planning confidence for the couple.  


Congenica is the only CE Marked IVD software for clinical diagnosis of rare and inherited genetic disorders that is available in both cloud and on-premise deployments and can fully integrate with systems for seamless transfer of patient data and reports. 


David Atkins, CEO at Congenica said: “The Middle East represents a key market for us, and we are seeing increasing demand for our Clinical Decision Support Platform and clinical services - through both our existing customer base and a growing distributor network - across the region. We’re excited to be back at Arab Health to launch this new service, which is particularly relevant to countries where there is a high population of individuals with shared ancestry. By assessing parental genetic data, we identify any deleterious combinations of variants associated with genetic disease, resulting in actionable, pre-conception knowledge of disease risk, enabling couples to plan their future family with confidence.” 


For more information on the service, please visit www.congenica.com/cis 


About Congenica   

Congenica is a digital health company enabling the rapid analysis and interpretation of genomic data, empowering researchers and clinicians to provide life-changing answers that improve wellbeing and disease management. Congenica’s world-leading software enables rapid genomic data analysis at scale and is the only product of its kind that has received the CE Mark under the In Vitro Diagnostics Directive.   


A recognised leader in the genomic analysis of rare diseases and inherited cancer, Congenica is expanding its platform into new indications such as somatic cancer, next generation non- invasive pre-natal diagnosis and wellness, helping to deliver a future where clinical genomics is fully integrated into healthcare.   


Based on pioneering research from the Wellcome Sanger Institute and the UK NHS, Congenica has a global footprint supporting leading international laboratories, academic medical centres and biopharmaceutical companies and is the exclusive Clinical Decision Support partner for the NHS Genomic Medicine Service.  


For more information visit www.congenica.com