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Science, genomics hope and a father's love
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Science, genomics hope and a father's love

8/6/2021    |    0 min read

Congenica’s Patient Advocacy and Engagement Lead, Dr Charles Steward, is guest on the ‘Making our Way’ podcast, a place for conversations about some of the toughest and best moments in life.


Charles Stewards children, Imogen and Jasper (1)


In this latest podcast Marissa Penrod, founder and CEO of Team Joseph, speaks to Charles about what a perfect day looks like with his family and his hopes and dreams for his children, Imogen and Jasper, who both have special needs. He also explains the advances of, and the hope in, genomics.

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Team Joseph 

Team Joseph is a charity that fights for all children and young adults battling Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Its mission is to fund research to find a cure, and to support families with immediate needs related to caring for a child with Duchenne.

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Patient Advocacy at Congenica

Congenica's Patient Advocacy and Engagement team work with people across the world, helping to navigate often confusing and disparate information by providing educational materials that are trustworthy and helpful. Our aim is to ensure patients, clinicians and researchers understand the patient journey from referral, through diagnosis and beyond.


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