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Webinar highlights of 2021
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Webinar highlights of 2021

12/15/2021    |    0 min read

During 2021, Congenica has delivered many informative and thought-provoking webinars involving experts from both Congenica our global customer base. 


Here we look at some of the highlights from the year, which includes contributions from some of the world's leading industry thought leaders on genomics.  

Congenica's experts at work  

Congenica employs a wealth of experts across the business. Here's what some of them have been talking about this year. 

 Alistair Johnson, Chief Product Officer, Congenica

Latest Developments in Next-Generation Genomic Analysis

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Dr Charles Steward, Patient Advocacy and Engagement Lead for Congenica

Hope for Paediatric Epilepsy


Helen Savage, Lead Clinical Scientist, Product Innovation, Congenica  
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Dr Nick Lench, CSO, Congenica

Enabling Genomic Medicine: Analysis at Scale

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Dr Richard Durbin, Informatics Director, Congenica and Professor of Genetics, University of Cambridge

Long-read sequencing and new reference genomes

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Customer webinars 

Hear from our customers about how Congenica is helping them to deliver life-changing answers.

Dr. Anne-Karin Kahlert. Institute of Immunology and Genetics, Kaiserslautern, Germany

How Congenica helps to get a fast genetic diagnosis
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Chris Wigley, CEO, Genomics England

To Infinity and Beyond – working together to bring genomic medicine to EVERYONE

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Laura Bettini, Tettamanti Foundation Monza Hospital

Genetic predisposition to Childhood Leukemia: Automated Genomic Analysis to Enable Rapid Variant Identification

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Dr. Luis Izquierdo, Chief Medical Officer, Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, Veritas Intercontinental and Miriam Leon, Head of Clinical Analysis and Curation, Veritas Intercontinental

Prenatal diagnosis using Whole Exome Sequencing (WES)



Dr Meriel McEntagart FRCP, Consultant Clinical Geneticist
Medical Genetics, St George’s University Hospitals NHS 

Improving Rare Disease Diagnosis in ​The 100,000 Genomes Project (UK 100K)


Professor Norman Delanty, FRCPI, Consultant Neurologist, Beaumont Hospital, School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, FutureNeuro Research Centre, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin

Precision therapies in the epilepsies

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Dr Parul Jayakar, Director Division of Genetics and Metabolism, Nicklaus Children's Hospital Miami, Florida

From bench to bedside: Best practices in diagnosing and treating pediatric patients with epilepsy



And sometimes, we deliver joint presentations to discuss key topics... 

David A Pearce, PhD​, President of Innovation, Research & World Clinic​, Sanford Health & Christina Waters, PhDSVP Genomics Insights & Solutions​, Congenica

Seeding a Life-Changing International Genomic Insight Alliance to Treat Pediatric Epilepsy



Anna Miller, technical specialist at NOAH Clinical Laboratory & Victoria Hewitt, Lead, Clinical Interpretation Services & Lead Clinical Scientist Oncology, Congenica


Choosing a professional solution for genomic analysis 


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