Cambridge, United Kingdom – 12 January 2021

Congenica, the digital health company enabling rapid and accurate analysis of complex genomic data to transform people’s lives, today announced it has launched a local cloud solution that will enable researchers in China to perform more efficient genomic analysis at scale, helping to improve health outcomes. The announcement follows Congenica’s US$50m Series C funding round, which was co-led by Tencent.

Genomics and next generation sequencing (NGS) are transforming outcomes for patients by providing fast, accurate diagnoses which previously may have taken years or not been possible at all, improving wellbeing and disease management. An estimated 700,000 whole exome samples were sequenced in China in the last year. However, the interpretation of genomic data is incredibly complex and time consuming, typically taking even highly trained genetic scientists over 20 hours per case. This delays results and limits the ability for hospitals and laboratories to deliver the benefits of genomic medicine at scale to a national population.

Congenica’s world-leading software enables rapid genomic data analysis at scale for organizations such as the UK’s National Health Service by providing a solution to perform genomic data interpretation more than 20-times faster than typical clinical workflows, helping researchers achieve more efficient and accurate analysis and reducing interpretation costs by up to 95%.

In 2019 Congenica announced an on-premise deployment option for its genomic analysis platform giving customers in China the ability to store and retain data locally. However, the amount of data produced by NGS is vast – typically over 100GB per patient genome – and the computing power required to process it is significant.

With its local cloud solution, Congenica now enables scalable NGS data analysis, interpretation and reporting in China through a more cost-effective, secure managed cloud service, which includes automated analysis of rare inherited disease genes in as little as five minutes and pre-packaged modules to accelerate specialist research of prenatal and neurological conditions.

Rob Denison, Chief Information Officer, Congenica: “Congenica already enables the UK NHS and leading international institutions to confidently perform accurate and efficient genomic analysis at scale. By providing our software on a secure local cloud we are delighted to now offer a best-in-class solution for rapid genomic analysis in China, supporting the country's growth in genomic medicine.”

About Congenica
Congenica is a digital health company enabling the rapid analysis and interpretation of genomic data, empowering researchers to provide life-changing answers that will in future improve wellbeing and disease management.

Congenica’s world-leading software enables rapid genomic data analysis at scale, performing 20x faster than industry averages and providing a 30% higher analytical yield, reducing genomic interpretation costs by up to 95%.

Born out of pioneering research from the Wellcome Sanger Institute and the NHS, Congenica has a global footprint supporting leading international laboratories, academic medical centres and biopharmaceutical companies and is the exclusive Clinical Decision Support partner for the NHS Genomic Medicine Service.

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