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Let's talk cerebral palsy on Child Neurology Day 
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cerebral palsy

Let's talk cerebral palsy on Child Neurology Day 

10/29/2021    |    0 min read

29 October, 2021 marks the first annual Child Neurology Day, a day launched by the Child Neurology Foundation to raise awareness of those affected by neurological disorders in children.


On 21 October, Dr Charles Steward, Patient Advocacy and Engagement Lead for Congenica, was guest speaker at a webinar run by the Child Neurology Foundation entitled: ‘Understanding spasticity and those it impacts’.


Charles along with fellow speaker Ann Tilton, Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics and Section Chair of Child Neurology, Louisiana State Health Science Center, discussed cerebral palsy; its definition, causes, treatments available and importance.


Charles also talks about his life as a father of two children with neurological disorders and how genomics is beginning to uncover numerous genomic drivers behind cerebral palsy. Find out how genomics is providing life-changing answers for neurological diseases.


Patient Advocacy and Engagement at Congenica

A desire to improve the lives of people living with rare and inherited diseases is central to everything we do at Congenica, and our patient advocacy and engagement initiative aims to ensure the patient voice is heard loud and clear inside the company.


We also want to help patients navigate often confusing and disparate information by providing educational materials that are trustworthy and helpful. Our aim is to ensure patients, clinicians and researchers understand the patient journey from referral, through diagnosis and beyond.


We strive to help ensure all parties understand the strengths and current limitations of genomic medicine as well as ensuring we work together to realize the full benefits that the genomic revolution promises.


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