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How to reduce NGS interpretation times by as much as 95%

How to reduce NGS interpretation times by as much as 95%

7/28/2020    |    0 min read

How laboratories can reduce NGS interpretation times by 95%

Next-generation sequencing has the potential to revolutionize healthcare. However, there are still bottlenecks to overcome for widespread use – most notably the complex, lengthy and costly interpretation of sequenced data. This interpretation bottleneck has implications for clinicians and patients alike: low case throughput, slow turnaround times and an increasing backlog of data to analyse are a burden to staff and limit productivity. This bottleneck also puts the brakes on a genomic service’s ability to scale up as recruiting and training Clinical Scientists is challenging. These bottlenecks can also result in lengthy diagnostic odysseys with potentially critical implications and delay access to life-changing treatments.

Congenica’s decision support platform empowers laboratories to interpret data and identify actionable insights. Ultimately, Congenica wants to help overcome this interpretation bottleneck so that laboratories and national programs can solve more cases and shorten the odyssey from an average of over 5 years to just a few days[1].

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How quickly can I go from data to report and how will this contribute to improved outcomes?

Genomic analysis includes numerous tasks from the analysis of variant call format onwards. Confirmation and reporting require additional time. An analysis of more than 2000 complex cases interpreted using the Congenica platform from the UK 100,000 Genomes Project shows that complex analyses, which used to take at least 20 hours to interpret and report, can now be completed in an average time of just 30 minutes [2]. This significantly faster analysis workflow enables laboratory teams to provide results much quicker. Watch the short video below to find out how:

How will this help make my laboratory run more efficiently?

Dramatic improvements in efficiency, meaning 20-times faster analysis, making it possible to process a significantly higher throughput of cases. At the same time, this means a staggering 95% reduction in interpretation costs, as laboratories are saving many resources, such as staff time and the need for additional tools to interpret a case.


How can you ensure the safety of your analysis tools?

The Congenica platform has been developed under a certified ISO 27001 Information Security Management System and a certified ISO 13485 Quality Management System, and includes a number of quality control features, such as gene coverage and audit trails that capture each stage of analysis for future review. Clinical evidence from the most comprehensive range of reference data sources available is provided to support every decision, helping staff to make decisions quickly and with confidence, even in the most complex cases.


What does it mean to introduce a genetic decision support platform?

Congenica optimizes data interpretation and the identification of actionable insights at scale and maximizes case throughput with a user-friendly solution that can be implemented to seamlessly fit within existing laboratory workflows and deliver instant benefits. It can help run your lab as efficiently and smoothly as possible so that your lab can perform gold-standard genomic analysis – making the healthcare of tomorrow a reality today.

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