'The best of times, the worst of times'... Congenica's Chairman Andy Richards and CEO David Atkins join leading speakers from the biotech and pharma sector to discuss the impact of the pandemic and business over the past 18 months.


Bio Integrates Conference is an annual event that looks at the needs of innovative biotech and pharma companies that are developing the therapies of tomorrow.  The 2021 event was the second fully virtual Bio Integrates Conference that attracted more than 450 delegates to the keynote speaker sessions and panel debates, all addressing the conference themes of Connection, Projection and Reflection.

Andy Richards opens the event

Congenica's Chairman Andy Richards provided an opening statement that reflected the past 18 months and the impact of the pandemic on the industry, citing words from Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, ‘The best of times, the worst of times’.


See Andy Richard's remarks in the film below.  


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Raising investment in a pandemic 


Congenica's CEO David Atkins formed part of a panel comprising leaders who have successfully faced the challenges of raising investment and meeting milestones and build financial opportunities during a pandemic.


The group were asked: ‘What do buyers and investors look for in life science companies?’.


See the responses from David and the rest of the panel in the film below.


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To find out more about Congenica's completion of its Series C funding round, raising US$50m/£39m during the pandemic, read the full press release


Congenica’s CEO, David Atkins PhD, and Chairman, Andy Richards OBE, tell you more about Congenica and plans for the future in this video.


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